acenla fashion gymwear sky high

We’re not talking about forcing yourself to eat kale and doing 3 million sit ups…
The way you feel starts from the inside, and when you wake up you do things for you, if smashing down a whole load of kale really makes you feel good, then do you boo 🙂 but for the average joes like the rest of us, sometimes just starting small can make all the difference.

Okay, so let’s be real here, it’s currently bikini season, every woman and her dog are currently hitting the gym as hard as they can and living by the mantra “No carbs before marbs!” If your still sat dreading about putting a bikini on, then girl, we’ve got you!

First things first, prep! Okay, the gym can be daunting, so can just going for your first run, it’s all about your mental health over physical at this point and when you’ve got to do something you don’t want to, at least look amazing doing it! When us girls exercise we have to make sure we’re completely secure, y’know what we mean.. boobs under control in a secure sports bra, leggings that are completely squat proof, the right amount of deodorant on, and that your laces aren’t too tight cause your feet will start feeling like their going to drop off.. (we can feel you nodding in agreement).

What you wear to exercise has a huge impact on how you feel, your endurance levels and your body. We all know that if we’re on the treadmill and we have to keep pulling up our see through leggings how self conscious you can feel, with mirrors surrounding you, and this just makes us want to do 5 minutes and get off. It’s so important to get yourself a pair of leggings that can withstand the workout for you, whether it’s yoga, hit, weightlifting.. you need to feel secure and happy with how you look and feel to help you train that extra bit more.
Finding a pair of leggings that are right for you, starts with knowing your body, if you like a high rise fit with super high compression then our “One By One Legging” in a Mineral wash would be perfect for you. If your into yoga and prefer a lighter, sleeker compression then our Ellis Island Leggings would match your taste and style.

It’s all about you and how you feel, and knowing what your comfortable in and what’s going to make you feel good. Having your coconuts supported in the right sports bra, that holds you in whilst still giving you movement is the goal.. one that also has moisture wicking technology and SPF in it for those sunny days means you’ve hit the jackpot!

So girls, start with knowing your body, and finding the right look, style and fit for you. Feel confident in yourself, us girls don’t know how powerful we are. So put your high compression gym leggings on, your to die for sports bra on (with removable pads) for that custom fit, put some rap music on and handle it.

“Babes Supporting Babes”

acenla fashion gymwear sky high

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